The Surplus Project is a local, community-based organization that works to reduce commercial food waste and increase the amount of safe, nutritious food for those in our community who struggle with hunger.


“I assumed I would go to work hungry again.”

  • Through collaboration with local partners, we salvage & package nutritious food. Our partners receive handler’s licenses and package leftover cafeteria food into healthy, single-serve, ready-to-eat meals. Reducing waste and taking responsibility for local waste reduction.

  • Delivery partners then pick up & deliver to people who desperately need healthy meals.

  • We provide direct hunger relief to thousands of local, food insecure individuals. Currently providing 700 nutritious meals each month, or approximately 8,400 meals per year, directly benefitting 8,400 individuals in our area.


We are always looking for new partner organizations & volunteers.

The Surplus Project is a proven entity. Our pilot program has been successful and our institutional backing provides ongoing support and supervision. Together with other organizations we have created a model that is ready and able to scale up to transform our community: ensuring that too much food does not create too much waste, but instead creates food security for thousands.


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